• Gaining first place in the domestic market share in the production of industrial intelligent automation
  •   Introduce itself as one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent automation for agriculture and poultry in the Middle East region with the support of its R&D unit
  •    Increase competitiveness and sustainability to gain market share
  • Paying attention to competent, creative and innovative forces as valuable resources of the organization
  •  Establishment of industrial and industrial units in line with market development
  •  Satisfy all customers
  •   Design and production of automation in a completely technical and distinctive manner based on needs assessment

Mehran Saman Gostar, by providing world-class infrastructure projects, assists its customers in creating value and a better life. And its valuable experience is used in scoring projects in designing automation and intelligent control systems for all farm hens and poultry feed plants

Knowledge-based company MehrSaman Gostar, in 1403, with the aim of adopting Integration strategy and establishment of efficient and effective quality management systems and supply chain at national level, as the largest and most successful private sector complex in automation industry. Smart will continue to grow in Iran and its neighboring countries, delivering continued growth, satisfaction and trust from its stakeholders, and will be a supportive and effective factor in lowering cost and enhancing the quality of its upstream manufacturers' products, in a way that reflects this value creation. The agricultural and poultry industry will be quite evident.

Danesh Bian Mehr Saman Gostar Company was established in 2011 with more than 12 years experience in industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing plants and salons. Since the beginning of this year, it has taken the ups and downs in this field to gain experience and serve technology advances to advance the well-being of poultry, greenhouses and other livestock, poultry and agricultural industries. Increasing production using traditional and traditional methods is often impossible for homeowners, while smartening and controlling environmental conditions in farms and production halls using Saman Gostar's smart automation system, the dream of always increasing production while reducing costs. Realizes for homeowners. Samtec Industrial Group, with a trained and experienced team, has been able to equip and customize more than 650, production halls including poultry, quail and quail breeding, turkey and various greenhouses, mushroom farms and feed mills. Is a livestock and a poultry.

Senior Managers
Dr. Mohammad Gol Mohammadi
Chairman of the Board

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Engineer Maryam Gol Mohammadi
Vice Chairman of the Board

software engineering

Dr. Shahram Haghighi

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Reza Haghighi
Founder and Executive Management and Engineering

Doctor of Management of DBA and Computer Engineering

Technical Engineering Department
MR. Rasoul Shahriari
Manager of Engineer Departman

Electrical Power Engineering

Engineer Maryam Rajabi
Expert software developer

software engineering

Engineer Qasem Emadi
Installation Expert

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering - Control

Mr. Mohsen Naderi
Installation Technician

Electronics Technician

Mr. Farhad Honarmand
Installation Expert

bachelor of electrical Engineering-Control

Administrative Finance Department
Engineer Shima Haghighi
Inspector of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer

IT expert

Elahe Khalili
Head of the Secretariat's Office

Associate Industrial Accountant

Department of Commerce
Neda Dastrang
Human Resources and Strategy Manager

Master of Transformation Management

Akram Torabi
Sales and CRM supervisor

BS in Interior Design

Mina Yazdanpanah
Sales and Marketing Expert

Bachelor of Software