Samtec Group has succeeded in designing software that acts as a black box, using dedicated specialists and utilizing the latest knowledge and standards of the world. To improve and optimize farm performance, this system records all changes in equipment and activity of individuals offline, even if they do not have internet access

Smart Automation Mehr Saman Gostar has monitoring software according to world standards. This software enables instant and online viewing of hall performance remotely anywhere, anytime from mobile, laptop and computer. This makes it possible for the owner to review and compare information with previous periods in order to achieve the best efficiency

Security guard system and advanced alert are among the advantages of Saman Gostar's smart automation. It operates in three areas: environmental conditions, equipment warnings and hardware control system warnings. This system detects pressure tolerant device, removes it from the circuit to prevent its complete failure by alerting the siren and SMS alert, and keeps the salon stable and optimal while activating the alternate device

One of the honors of Mehran Saman Gostar in designing industrial automation is the use of PVC instead of electrical board. The most important advantage of using Pi. L. Thirty with respect to the electrical board can be considered a design suitable to any situation. Other advantages of using a PCC over an electric board are: increased durability, reduced power consumption, saving on side costs, reducing the likelihood of a decision making error over the electrical board. Easy maintenance and follow-up support. L. Thirty are not desirable due to the small number of standard cards but in the electric board due to the use of soldered parts. Also the possibility of subsequent changes. L. C is very fast and easy

Samtec Group, with dedicated executives and dedicated specialists, aims to understand the needs of customers and provide the best services based on the most advanced technologies in the world. Increasing production using traditional and traditional methods is often impossible for homeowners, smarting and controlling environmental conditions in farms and production halls using the smart automation system of MehrSaman Gostar. Our technical team designs and manufactures a unique machine based on the specific components of each farm. The dream of the owners is to increase production at the same time as reducing the cost of subsidiaries.
The experts at the Samtec Industrial Group first design intelligent automation for each salon by examining and analyzing factors affecting its performance, such as temperature, ventilation, light, and so on. Analyzes lead to the unique design of automation for each room's environment and climate, as well as improved intelligent automation performance under standard conditions.