creativity and innovation
One of the most complex stages of the innovation process is the transfer of research findings to the industry. As one of the fourth generation surfing companies, Knowledge-Based Mehr Saman Gostar has been able to implement the basis of knowledge-based economy in poultry and agriculture by increasing creativity and creating productive employment. .
Danesh Bani Mehr Saman Gostar Company, by utilizing quality components and using PLC instead of electric board and taking into account user experience along with attention to software quality as well as proprietary design of its products, has achieved the most complete and high quality automation system. Design and market domestic production and be a competitor to similar foreign examples in the field of poultry and agriculture.
Knowledge and experience
Danesh Bani Mehr Saman Gostar Company, with 12 years of experience in producing automation industry and executing numerous projects, has started its specialized research in standardization of factors and environmental conditions of poultry and greenhouses and in the first year succeeded in producing the first system. Intelligent industry standard automation has been developed for salon control and management.
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