Since the problem of dehydration in Iran has affected the agricultural industry due to suitable climatic conditions, among the agricultural activities, mushroom cultivation is one of the rich sources of edible and protein. One of the most important challenges in the mushroom ecosystem is lack of control over relative humidity, temperature, lack of oxygen and inadequate ventilation, lack of proper control over CO2 permissible level. It has been paid attention to. Samtec Group's industrial automation system has been smartly designed to control the environmental conditions of design fields. The goal of intelligent automation design is to help food security and produce a valuable food product, produce a growing product and more. Our experts provide you with a wide range of automation and optimal climate control methods.

Fully intelligent control and adjustment of salon temperature
Controlling and adjusting the relative humidity of the lounge and direct steering to the humidifier
CO2 control and regulation
Hall lighting adjustment and energy optimization
Information on the technical condition of the mushroom growing room
Reduce staffing costs
Information about the general condition of the hall
Awareness of the condition of the hall for proper management
Oxygen control of the salon
Record and analyze statistics and information